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Does the Carpet in your Restaurant look overrun by the thousands of patrons you’ve served over the years? Is there a salsa stain ruminating next to the wine stain that preceded it by about 18 months? Is the Upholstery on your Restaurant booths destroyed by too many kids burying their shoes into the fabric during a temper tantrum? Hopefully you feel the same way that we do, and you know that you’re six months overdue to get your Restaurant’s Carpets professionally Cleaned by our highly trained technicians.¬†

Even if your Restaurant doesn’t have Carpets, the Tile is surely incredibly grimy, and the grout could use a little tender loving care. Do you realize how long you can prolong the lifespan of your Tile simply by giving it a good Cleaning? You and your Restaurant’s owner would both agree that paying for a simple Carpet or Tile Cleaning would be much more cost effective than replacing it all together!

Are your chairs covered by Upholstery? Has it been a couple of years since they have been given the royal treatment? Just give Arvada Carpet Cleaners a call today and we will make sure that your Upholstery is given a fresh Cleaning.

Picture your Kitchen manager coming in to that same old musty kitchen day after day. It’s covered in nice Tile, and it has not been properly cleaned in two years. We’re positive that you and your restaurant’s employees will be so grateful to have a fresh floor to walk on, and your Tile will last a whole lot longer than if you continuously let it get covered in greasy stains.

Besides, you are too busy concentrating on the delectable food and drink that your customers are ordering in droves. So, leave the dirty work to us. Call Arvada Carpet Cleaners today, and hire us to Clean your Restaurant Carpet or Tile. You won’t be disappointed. 

Give Arvada Carpet Cleaners a call today at 720-442-9035 for a quote on a one time or periodically scheduled service!



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