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Arvada, CO is where we started our family business, and where we still reside to this day. There is not one moment that goes by where we are not thankful for the residents and businesses in our hometown for consistently calling and referring us to clean their carpets like they have for the past twenty years. Thankfully, we have been in business because we truly care about our clientele and the service that they receive when we come into their homes.

We are proud to offer our carpet cleaning services north of Interstate 70, and all the way up to Standley Lake in Arvada. One of the most popular services we offer is our water damage restoration, or flood damage cleanup. Our truck contains a heavy mounted, powerful suction system that can extract water for a long period of time, and help dry out your home from any prolonged leaks or floods. Our service does not end when the water is gone. We help you assess the damage, and give you the necessary knowledge to attack your wet walls so you can get back to normal quickly.

There are many ways that water can begin to seep into your home. For your knowledge, we have listed a few of those reasons below, and some things to help you make sure you do not fall victim to water damage restoration.

1. Broken pipes. Most pipes in homes are not checked routinely, and as a result, can either rot or break over time. As a homeowner, it’s important to check your pipes once yearly to see if there are any leaks or any evidence of rust leading to leaks.

2. Clogged toilets. This must seem obvious, but a clogged toilet can lead to a large flood if not taken care of immediately. Also, clogged toilets can cause backups in the pipe system, and if not treated promptly, can lead to broken pipes in the future.

3. Sump Pump failure. Every home in Colorado that has a basement should also have a sump pump that is in good working order. Sump pumps can fail because the electricity goes out in a home, so having a backup battery attached to a sump pump is extremely important. Any handyman should be able to attach a sump pump and make sure it’s in good working condition. Sump pumps can make it so you don’t have to deal with floods or water damage restoration in the future.

4. A rising water table. This is something that you can’t really do much about other than hope that the water table around your home does not rise above the ground level. Again, a sump pump might help here if you have a basement, but there will be nothing you can do but hope for the best if the water table rises too high.

5. Broken hoses in your washing machine or dishwasher. If your dishwasher or washing machine is very old or not in the best working condition, this can be the start of a huge flood. Make sure that you have a certified professional check your hoses and machines once yearly to keep them in good working order.

If you have encountered any of the above problems, and they have led to flooding, you know how serious each problem can be. If you are currently having a problem with water damage, or you need any type of carpet cleaning services in the Arvada, CO area, give us a call today at 720-442-9035

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