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Why exactly should you get your Air Ducts cleaned? Because they’re dirty, that’s why! 

Well, we can give you a better explanation, because that’s a bit vague, so here it goes. 

Why should you have your Air Ducts Cleaned in your Arvada, Colorado home? Because there’s so much dirt that can build up in there that the air that you breathe is potentially getting polluted by mold, spores, dust, and other food for allergens to grow on. Air Ducts are hidden from your view, and they can be a cesspool for germs, dirt, dander, mold, and other things that you want nowhere near your lungs.

When was the last time that you had a professional company come in and clean your Air Ducts in your Arvada or surrounding city’s home? Probably never. Heck, we’ve been in this business for a very long time, and our family has not had their Air Ducts cleaned in over 5 years. (Disclaimer…We tried, but our Mom said she didn’t want to have it done).

Most people simply think that a furnace filter can do the trick when it comes to cleaning the air that we breathe. But furnace filters only remove about 10% of the pollutants that come through our air system. That leaves us with 90% of pollutants that are making it either into the air in our home, or sticking in the Air Ducts for a long time. 

To clean your Air Duct System, we will need to know a few things so we know exactly what to charge you. First, we need to know how many Air Duct returns you have, and the total number of vents in your home. Once we have that information, we can tell you precisely how long our Air Duct Cleaning Service will take, and how much it will cost.

But some people say ‘Why do I need to clean my Air Ducts? The air inside my home is clean. It’s the air outside that is dirty.’ Well, the Air inside your home that gets into your Vents and Ducts was once outside air. That air has chemicals in it from your gas grill, your lawn mower, and a slew of a million other pollutants that get inside your home every time you open the door.

Also, the air inside your home is being polluted by all the dead cells that are shed from your skin every single hour. If you use any aerosol hairspray, or anything else inside your home that contaminates your air, then it is most definitely finding it’s way into your Air Ducts, and will not be stopped by even the most expensive furnace filter. 

Depending on the air filters you use, after a very thorough cleaning by our Arvada Air Duct Cleaning professional, you should be good for anywhere from three to seven years. To prevent any additional mold growth, it’s advised by the EPA that we apply a biocide once or twice yearly to inhibit growth of mold and spores. This recommendation comes from great sources, and one that wants to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the year.

Give Arvada Carpet Cleaners a call with any Air Duct Cleaning questions, and as always, we offer a free consultation to answer all your questions.



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